Dominic Chianese is a world renowned actor and also the founder of Joy Through Art. He has spent more then 30 years performing in nursing homes. Dominic realized that the joy he brought to senior citizens through his art of singing and playing music resonated deeply. Spreading love and caring is what brought him to those intimate settings in nursing homes and he wants that to be his legacy. Dominic became a part of these seniors “extended family”. Simply put, when he realized that his visits brought joy to the elderly and to himself, he decided to create the “Joy Through Art” foundation.

Joy Through Art hires professional artists to visit residents on a daily basis. These consistent visits enrich their lives. Like Dominic, the artists are more than entertainers, they become family. These visits improve the lives of the residents through the enriching experience of live music and theater. Our artists become a social support system that helps to fulfill the emotional needs of the patients on a personal level. Art and entertainment, friendship and bonding, help residents to maintain better health.

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